Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used as an enhancement (diluted and applied to the skin) during any of our signature massages.

Clary SageBalance and calm
BergamotBoost mood against sadness and grief
Tea Tree
Roman ChamomilePromote sleep; ease muscle and joint aches
Cinnamon BarkReduce worry and fatigue
PeppermintUplifting; Reduce head and neck tension, stomach ache,
Scots PineRespiratory health, soothe muscles, support circulation
Sweet OrangeUplift, calm; Reduce nervous tension and sadness
PatchouliReduce nervous tension and worry
EucalyptusAid respiratory, circulation, muscle and joint aches, and focus,
Ylang YlangReduce worry, calm, uplift
LavenderSoothe skin, promote sleep, calm
Atlas CedarwoodGround, calm,
LemonUplift, revitalize, immune aid, digestive aid,
Muscle AidReduce sore and achy muscles
Tension ReliefReduce tension headaches and stress
Blues BusterComforting, uplifting
Respir-aidSoothing, cooling, respiratory support
Rapid Reliefincrease circulation, pain relief, warming
Citrus Burstuplifting
Self-Esteemconfidence, ease worry and nervous tension, calm, soothe
Relaxpeaceful and tranquil state of mind, relaxation and emotional support
Sleep-aidcalm mind and body, promote quality and depth of sleep
Energyenergy boost
Tranquilreduce worry and its effects; mental relaxation
Worry Freereduce worry and anxiety; uplift and relax, promote sleep
Spearmintreduce tension, uplift, improve concentration
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